When building a fence around your property in Lee’s Summit, MO, it’s important to be aware of any height restrictions that may apply.

The height of your fence can impact the aesthetics of your home, privacy, and even property values in your neighborhood. Before constructing a new fence, it’s essential to check with the city to ensure your plans align with local regulations.

Lee’s Summit has specific rules regarding fence heights in residential areas. This article will provide an overview of the fence ordinances and height limits in Lee’s Summit, factors to consider when choosing your fence height, and tips from Fencing Lee’s Summit MO on building code-compliant, beautiful fences that enhance your property.

Fence Height Regulations in Lee’s Summit

The city of Lee’s Summit outlines fence requirements in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), Chapter 33 – Zoning. For residential properties, fences located within a required yard (front, side, or rear) have the following maximum height regulations:

Front Yard Fences

  • 4 feet maximum height

Front yard fences cannot exceed 4 feet in the front setback area extending the full width of the lot between the main structure and the street. This lower height in front yards helps maintain an open feel in neighborhoods.

Side and Rear Yard Fences

  • 6 feet maximum height

Fences along the side yard and rear yard have a maximum height of 6 feet. This provides more privacy between homes and backyard spaces.

Corner Lots

  • 4 feet maximum height within 25 feet of intersection

For corner lots where the property borders two intersecting streets, fences within 25 feet of the intersection are restricted to 4 feet high. This is for traffic visibility purposes. Beyond 25 feet back from the intersection, the fence can increase to 6 feet on the side and rear yards.

Swimming Pool Fence Requirements

  • 48 inches minimum height

If installing a fence around a swimming pool, the minimum height is 48 inches. This helps enhance safety and prevent unauthorized pool access. The fence must completely enclose the pool with self-latching, self-closing gates.

Choosing the Ideal Fence Height

When planning your new fence installation or replacement in Lee’s Summit, you’ll need to decide on the height that best suits your needs while complying with city regulations. Here are some factors to consider when choosing fence height:

Privacy and Noise Reduction

Taller fences up to the maximum 6 feet provide more visual and acoustical privacy between properties. This can help block unwanted views or noise from nearby streets, homes, or commercial areas. Shorter fences still offer some privacy without feeling too enclosed.


A taller fence height generally enhances perimeter security for homes, especially for backyards or pools. Shorter fences still maintain some security while allowing more visibility.


Fence height can impact the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. Shorter fences (3-4 feet) feel more open and inviting from the street. A taller fence (5-6 feet) provides more privacy but can sometimes give a more closed-off feel. Consider the look you want to achieve and neighboring fences.


In most cases, taller fences use more material, are harder to install, and have a higher cost. Measure your proposed fence site and get quotes on different heights to compare pricing. A shorter fence may be more affordable.


The taller the fence, the more exposed surface area there is to maintain. Shorter fences require less frequent painting or staining. However, taller fences do provide more privacy for backyard activities.

Durability in Wind and Weather

Shorter fences are generally more wind and weather resistant. Extreme winds can more easily topple tall fences. Shorter picket fences withstand wind better than solid privacy fences. Make sure to follow fence height restrictions when choosing materials.

Consider your specific needs, budget, neighborhood aesthetics and Lee’s Summit’s regulations when deciding on fence height. Contact Fencing Lee’s Summit MO for a free quote on your desired fence style and height that enhances your property’s beauty and function.

Tips for Installing Code-Compliant Fences from Fencing Lee’s Summit MO

The professional fencing contractors at Fencing Lee’s Summit MO have extensive experience designing, building, and installing residential fences in Lee’s Summit of all heights and materials to meet city guidelines.

Here are their top tips for code-compliant fence installation:

  • Check property lines and utility locations first before installing your fence. This prevents encroaching on neighbors’ land or hitting underground pipes or wires during digging.
  • Obtain any required permits from the city of Lee’s Summit before starting work. The city will confirm your plans meet height and other restrictions.
  • Use quality fencing materials that will withstand Midwest weather and last for years. Cedar, redwood, vinyl, aluminum and wrought iron are excellent options. Avoid cheaper woods like pine that deteriorate quickly.
  • Measure carefully and plan your fence height according to zoning rules based on placement in front, side or rear yards. Transition from lower to taller heights where permitted.
  • Space fence posts appropriately for the fence height – taller fences require more closely spaced posts for stability. Dig post holes deeper for more height too.
  • Follow building codes for pool fencing with self-closing and latching gates. Use tamper-proof fencing around pools.
  • For added security, consider adding lattice or perimeter plantings along taller fences to prevent climbing or reduce chances of falling over in storms.
  • Stain or seal your wood fence regularly to protect it from weathering and extend its lifespan.

Following Lee’s Summit’s fencing regulations ensures your new fence won’t run into any issues with inspections or complaints from neighbors.

The city wants homeowners to be able to enjoy beautiful, private fences that enhance their property. Contact the knowledgeable team at Fencing Lee’s Summit MO for all your fencing needs!


Installing a new fence involves important considerations such as height regulations, costs, privacy and aesthetics.

Lee’s Summit sets specific fence height limits based on placement in front, side or rear yards of residential properties. Fences can range from 4 feet up to 6 feet maximum in permitted areas.

Following the city’s guidelines ensures your fence complies at inspection and adds functional, attractive appeal to your property for years to come.

Connect with the pros at Fencing Lee’s Summit MO for help designing and building the ideal height-compliant fence unique to your home and lifestyle!

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