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Custom Fencing Near Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Looking to install a new fence or replace your existing fence? Our team of fencing experts can help design and build the perfect custom fence for your home or business.

With over 10 years of experience, our company has installed hundreds of beautiful and durable custom fences for satisfied clients.

We use only the highest quality materials and newest fencing techniques to construct long-lasting fences that enhance security, privacy and curb appeal.

Unlike big box stores that offer only basic pre-fabricated panel fencing in limited styles, our custom fencing gives you complete creative freedom. We can match our fences to your home’s architecture and landscape.

With custom fencing from our company, you can choose from wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, iron and composite materials. We provide customized fence heights, post styles, gates, finishes and colors to match your specific needs and preferences.

Our skilled fencing contractors take great pride in their workmanship. We handle the entire fencing project from initial consultation to final cleanup.

With superior project management and efficiency, we complete installations in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your property. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

For a free quote on premier custom fencing tailored specifically for your home or business, contact our team today!

Process We Follow for Custom Fencing

Initial Consultation

The first step for your custom fencing project is to schedule a free in-person consultation at your property with one of our professional fencing experts. We will listen closely to your vision and needs for the new fencing. Key factors we consider are:

  • Intended purpose of the fence (privacy, security, purely decorative)
  • Areas to be enclosed or bounded by the fencing
  • Integration with existing landscaping and hardscaping
  • Matching your home’s architectural style and exterior finishes
  • Property terrain and drainage considerations
  • Local zoning laws and neighborhood CC&Rs
  • Budget for the project

We will measure the site and gather all necessary information to develop a customized fencing plan tailored to your property and specifications. We will also discuss options for materials, posts, gates, accessories and finishes that meet your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences.

Detailed Quote

After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining the specifications and total cost of your custom fencing project. The quote will include:

  • Linear footage of fencing required
  • Posts, frames and accessories
  • Gates and gate hardware
  • Materials and finishes chosen
  • Any site preparation needs
  • Applicable local building permits
  • Comprehensive installation pricing
  • Project timeline

We will never start billing until you have approved the quote and we have your go-ahead to proceed. For larger projects, a deposit may be required upfront to cover materials and mobilization costs.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Once you accept the quote, our team will order all necessary materials and schedule the installation date(s) based on your availability. If any site preparation is required prior to installation, such as demolition and removal of old fencing or vegetation clearing, we will complete this work carefully to protect your property.

Approximately one week prior to installation, we will call to confirm your fencing project details and the start date. We will also discuss any considerations for accessing your property and protecting landscaping during the fence construction.

Professional Installation

Our skilled fencing contractors take great care to install your custom fence properly and efficiently. We use the appropriate tools and techniques for the fence type, terrain and soil conditions. The main steps of the installation process involve:

  • Layout and marking the fence line
  • Digging post holes
  • Setting and securing fence posts
  • Attaching frames, panels and gates
  • Finishing touches like caps and trims

For accessibility and safety reasons, we recommend adults and pets remain clear of the immediate fence installation area during construction. However, feel free to oversee the progress and ask any questions.

Depending on the length and complexity of your project, the installation may take one full day or several days spread over a week or two. We always keep the site clean and organized while we work. At the end of each work day, we secure the area to protect your property overnight.

Cleanup and Inspection

After the fence installation is complete, we will dispose of all debris and restore any landscaping disturbed during construction. Together, we will then walk the fence line to inspect the finished project and ensure you are 100% satisfied. The foreman will address any remaining questions or minor adjustments needed before demobilization.

We want you to be thrilled with your new custom fence! Our team will send a thank you email with project photos and a link to provide a review of your experience. We truly appreciate your business and referrals.

Cost of Custom Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

The cost of custom fencing varies based on several key factors:

Fencing Material: Wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain link are the most budget-friendly options, while ornamental iron and composite fencing have a higher price tag. Unique materials like gabion and reclaimed barn wood are usually the most expensive.

Fence Height and Length: More linear footage and taller fence height increase materials and labor costs.

Post Type: Basic posts keep costs down, while decorative posts add aesthetic appeal for a higher price.

Gates and Accessories: More gates, caps, lighting and other options add cost.

Site Complexity: Difficult terrain, tree removal and drainage modifications can increase prep work and installation pricing.

Permits: Simple residential projects may not need any permits, but commercial sites and historic neighborhoods often require permits that add cost.

To give you an idea of pricing, a basic 6 foot privacy fence typically starts around $25 – $35 per linear foot installed. A more customized wood fence with decorative posts, gates and spanning difficult terrain could range from $50 – $100+ per linear foot.

We provide a competitively priced quote upfront so you know exactly what to budget for your custom fencing project. Contact us today to get started!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned fencing experts for precision, insight, and flawless execution, guaranteeing exceptional results for every project.


Tailored fencing solutions that reflect your unique style and needs, turning your vision into a personalized reality with finesse.

Quality Materials

Elevate durability and aesthetics with our commitment to premium, long-lasting materials, ensuring a resilient and visually appealing fence.

Professional Installation

Rely on our skilled craftsmen for a seamless, efficient installation process, delivering a sturdy and visually striking fence that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We foster clear communication, attentive service, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations at every step.


Exceptional quality need not break the bank. Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on the excellence of our materials and craftsmanship.

FAQs About Custom Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

What are the most popular materials for custom fencing?

The most popular custom fencing materials we install are wood, vinyl and ornamental aluminum. Wood offers a classic, natural look. Vinyl has a similar appearance but doesn’t require maintenance. Aluminum provides contemporary style with durable longevity.

Should I choose privacy or decorative fencing?

Privacy fences are taller and completely enclose space. Decorative fences are lower and partially show your yard. Choose based on your goals – privacy, security, purely aesthetic appeal, or a combination.

How long does installation take?

Installation time depends on the fence length and complexity. A simple project may take 1-2 days, while a large perimeter fence with tricky terrain can take 1-2 weeks. We’ll provide a specific timeline with your quote.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Vinyl and aluminum fences are nearly maintenance-free. Wood fences require periodic sealing, staining or painting. Wrought iron may need paint touch ups. We’ll advise you on recommended maintenance for your specific custom fence.

How long will my custom fence last?

With proper installation and care, you can expect 10-15 years for wood, 15-20 years for vinyl and aluminum, and 20+ years for high quality wrought iron. We use durable construction methods to maximize longevity.

Can you match my home’s existing fencing?

Absolutely! We can install new fencing that replicates or complements your current style. Just provide photos and details so we can match materials, colors, heights and designs.

Are permits required for fencing in Lees Summit?

Most standard residential fences don’t need permits. But commercial sites, planned communities and historic neighborhoods often require approved permits that we’ll obtain.

Can I provide my own materials to lower costs?

We don’t recommend this. Using improper materials voids our workmanship warranty. For optimal results, it’s best to let our team source the right high-quality materials tailored to your site.

What if I need my fence repaired or replaced in the future?

Not a problem! We provide fence repairs, replacements and extensions for all existing fence types. Just contact us to schedule service.

Do you offer any fence warranty?

Yes, we back all our custom fencing projects with a 1-year workmanship warranty and adhere to all manufacturer warranties on materials.


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