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Dog and Pet Fencing Near Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Securing your yard is one of the most important things you can do as a pet owner. Allowing your furry friends to roam free may seem harmless, but it opens them up to a number of risks that can be easily avoided with proper fencing.

From preventing escapes and accidents to keeping other animals out of your yard, dog and pet fencing brings invaluable peace of mind.

Here at Fencing Lees Summit MO, we completely understand the desire to provide your pets with security and freedom. Our experienced team specializes in all kinds of dog and pet fencing to keep your loved ones safe on your property.

Whether you need a small run attached to your home or large perimeter fencing throughout your yard, we have solutions to suit your unique needs.

Our dog and pet fencing experts take great pride in keeping pets protected. We use only the highest quality materials designed specifically for animal containment.

Chain link, vinyl, aluminum—you name it—we’ll help you determine which type is best for your home and budget.

And with proper installation from our seasoned pros, you can trust that your fence will stand the test of time against both diggers and climbers.

Give your pets the freedom to play and explore without worrying about them wandering into danger. With custom dog and pet fencing, you can finally relax knowing your furry friends are happy and most importantly, secure.

Contact us today to learn more about our various animal containment options!

Process We Follow for Dog and Pet Fencing

Installing high-quality, pet-proof fencing requires an experienced hand. Here is an overview of our foolproof dog and pet fencing process from start to finish:

Initial Consultation

The process starts when our fencing experts come to your home for a detailed consultation. We’ll walk your property to evaluate your landscape, measure your perimeter, and discuss any spaces that need special attention, like gardens or pools. We’ll also talk through your specific needs, whether that’s securing multiple pets or keeping animals out.

With all the information we gather during the initial meeting, we can provide recommendations on fence types, materials, and placement tailored to your yard. Our goal is to keep your pets protected while staying within your budget.

Custom Design

After the consultation, we take everything we learned back to the drawing board to design your customized dog or pet fence. We factor in the size and terrain of your property, the number of access gates needed, your desired fence height, and any HOA requirements. The end result is a plan built just for you.

Before finalizing the design, we’ll reach back out to walk through the proposal together. This gives you the chance to ask questions, make tweaks, and officially approve the project before purchasing materials and setting the installation date.

Pre-Installation Prep

Once you’re completely satisfied with the fence design, we shift our focus to preparing your property. Proper prep work ensures the fence will have the stability and longevity to serve you for years.

Our pre-installation process includes:

  • Clearing fence lines of any brush, trees, or debris
  • Marking underground utilities to avoid during digging
  • Removing several inches of topsoil to expose firm ground
  • Setting corner posts and gate posts in concrete

Skimping on prep work can cause fencing to sag, lean, or even collapse over time. You don’t have to worry about that with our methodical process.

Fence Installation

Installation day has arrived! Our professional crew will arrive on-site equipped with all the necessary tools and materials outlined in your approved plans. We take great care to follow the specifications exactly, setting each fence section plumb and level.

You’ll likely see our team doing activities like:

  • Digging post holes
  • Cutting rails, mesh, and pickets
  • Securing fence lines between posts
  • Hanging gates and adjusting hardware
  • Cleaning up the work area upon completion

Our experts have installed dog and pet fences countless times before, so you can trust the process will be seamless from start to finish.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

We want to ensure you’re fully satisfied with the new fence, which is why we schedule a follow-up walkthrough after the job is done. This gives you the chance to inspect our work and make sure your pets are securely contained. If any adjustments need to be made, we’ll take care of them.

To keep your pet fence looking pristine for years of daily use, we’re also happy to provide maintenance as needed. This can include tasks like tightening hardware, patching holes, and removing rust. Just give us a call anytime something comes up, and we’ll quickly restore the fence to like-new condition.

When you choose our team for dog and pet fencing, expect a seamless experience from consultation to installation to maintenance. Your beloved pets deserve nothing less!

Cost of Pet Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

We understand that cost is a primary factor when deciding on fencing for your pets. Pricing is influenced by several variables, which we’ll explain below:

Fence Material – Vinyl offers the highest cost due to its durability and low-maintenance nature. Wrought iron is also on the pricier end. Chain link and wood tend to be the most budget-friendly materials. We offer them all!

Fence Height – The taller the fence, the more materials required, so cost increases with height. Four- and five-foot fences are common for suburban homes. Larger properties may need six feet or taller to contain pets.

Fence Length – Longer perimeter fencing means a bigger investment. We can suggest ways to contain pets without needing to span your entire property if cost is a concern.

Add-Ons – Special features like privacy slats, electric elements, and custom gates will raise the price. But smart add-ons also boost functionality.

Terrain – Fencing for flat, level ground will be more affordable than fencing that requires significant grading or tree removal. Challenging terrain makes the job more labor-intensive.

HOA Regulations – Adhering to HOA height limits, setback rules, and material restrictions may increase cost if you can’t stick to the most budget-friendly options.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your specific project is to contact us and have one of our pros provide a free quote. Prices start around $1,500 for simple chain link containment. More extensive fencing with top-tier materials falls in the $6,000 to $10,000 range. Call us today to discuss your needs!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Unleash our seasoned fencing experts for precision, insight, and flawless execution, guaranteeing exceptional results for every project.


Tailored fencing solutions that reflect your unique style and needs, turning your vision into a personalized reality with finesse.

Quality Materials

Elevate durability and aesthetics with our commitment to premium, long-lasting materials, ensuring a resilient and visually appealing fence.

Professional Installation

Rely on our skilled craftsmen for a seamless, efficient installation process, delivering a sturdy and visually striking fence that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. We foster clear communication, attentive service, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations at every step.


Exceptional quality need not break the bank. Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on the excellence of our materials and craftsmanship.

FAQs About Dog and Pet Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

What are the most popular materials for dog fencing?

Chain link is affordable and effective. Wood and vinyl have aesthetic appeal but cost more. Wrought iron is also common for security and style.

How tall should my pet fence be?

Four feet is sufficient for small/medium dogs. Five feet provides extra assurance for large jumpers. Six feet may be needed for extra high containment.

How far should fence posts be spaced?

Six to eight feet is standard between posts. We space them closer together if there’s risk of sagging.

Should I bury fencing to prevent digging?

Burying a portion of fence along the bottom helps deter diggers. Concrete footing also thwarts escape attempts.

What maintenance is required for pet fencing?

Occasional hardware adjustments, rust removal, patching holes, and vegetation clearing near the fence. Leave major repairs to the pros.

Does my entire yard need to be fenced for my dog?

Not necessarily. Small runs or enclosure areas can work well, especially if you monitor your pet during outside playtime.

What do I do if my dog keeps escaping the fence?

Contact us to inspect for holes or faulty materials. We can make repairs and recommend extra measures like burying fence edges.

How do I keep other animals from entering my pet fence?

Add screening, slats, or netting to block climbing. Bury edges to thwart digging. Some systems also have electric elements to deter critters.

Will installing a fence around my pool keep my pets safe?

Absolutely. Fencing is crucial for pool safety. But supervision is still required whenever your pets are outdoors.

How much does dog fencing cost?

Cost varies based on size, materials, and terrain but typically ranges from $1,500 for simple enclosures up to $10,000 for long perimeter runs using premium materials.


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