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Tennis Court Fencing Near Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Tennis is a popular sport for all ages, offering great exercise and fun competition. But to really get the most out of your tennis experience, having a dedicated tennis court with proper fencing is key.

Fencing Lees Summit MO has over 10 years experience installing and repairing tennis court fencing for residential and commercial clients.

Our expert team handles all aspects of tennis court fencing projects. We provide customized fence design, durable and long-lasting materials, expert installation, and reliable ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Our goal is to help you create the ideal tennis court fencing solution tailored to your unique needs and budget.

With proper tennis court fencing from our team, you can enjoy your tennis court surface without worrying about stray balls or unauthorized access. Fencing gives you privacy, helps contain errant shots, reduces wind interference, and lends a polished, professional look.

We offer a variety of fencing heights, durable galvanized steel framework, and your choice of chain link, windscreen or privacy slat materials. Our fences are designed to withstand the impact of tennis balls and stand up to the elements for many years.

Having a dedicated tennis court takes your play to a higher level. With the right fencing, your court will provide countless hours of playtime and fun while also adding value to your property. Contact the team today to schedule your free quote!

Process We Follow for Tennis Court Fencing

Installing high-quality, long lasting tennis court fencing requires careful planning, precise execution, and access to specialized materials and equipment. Here is an overview of our professional fence installation process:

Site Evaluation and Planning

  • We will visit your property to inspect the perimeter of your tennis court and take accurate measurements. This allows us to evaluate the site conditions and develop a customized fencing plan tailored to your space.
  • We consider the court layout, surrounding terrain, zoning laws, weather exposure, and other factors that impact the fencing requirements.
  • Our team will consult with you on the fence height, material options, colors, and designs that suit the architectural style of your home and meet your play needs.
  • After covering all the details, we will provide you with a computer-generated preview of the proposed tennis court fence layout so you can visualize the end result.

Securing Necessary Permits

  • We handle obtaining all required permits from the city for your fencing installation project. Permit requirements vary, but often include submitting plans with material details, fence height, and location on the property.
  • Our strong relationships with local permitting offices allow us to expedite the permit approval process so we can keep your project moving forward on schedule.

Material Staging

  • Once permits are secured, we order all the necessary fencing materials specifically for your project. This includes the fence framework, posts, gates, mesh wire, slats, windscreen, and hardware.
  • Materials are delivered directly to your property and carefully staged in a safe area nearby the court to prepare for efficient installation.

Court Surface Protection

  • The tennis court surface itself requires protection before any digging or construction occurs. Our crew will cover the court area with boards and durable construction mats to prevent any scuffs or damage.

Post Hole Digging

  • We dig precision post holes around the perimeter of the tennis court using truck-mounted power augers. For clay, rocky or uneven terrain, manual digging may be required.
  • Post holes are full depth to account for frost line and to provide a secure foundation for the fencing framework against wind loads.

Fence Framework Installation

  • With the post holes dug, we insert galvanized steel posts and pour concrete to completely fill each hole. Braces are anchored into the concrete foundations.
  • We assemble the top horizontal rails through the post sleeves to create the robust fence framework designed specifically for tennis court boundaries.

Mesh or Slat Installation

  • Once the fence framework is securely installed on all sides, we handle the installation of the infill material. This includes chain link mesh, windscreen, or privacy slats based on your selected design.
  • For chain link, we attach the durable vinyl-coated wire mesh and top rail bracing. Windscreen and slats are woven and attached section by section.

Gate Installation

  • Gate posts are fortified with concrete foundations and bracing. Prefabricated galvanized gate frames are installed and integrated into the fence line.
  • Hardware, locks, and adjustments are made to ensure smooth gate operation. The gate design matches the overall aesthetic and performance standards of your new tennis court fence.

Finishing Touches

  • With the fence installation complete, we tidy up the court area and fence perimeter, haul away debris, and restore any landscape areas impacted by the fencing work.
  • Our crew will walk the new fence with you to ensure it meets expectations for appearance and functionality. We can make any final adjustments necessary.

Our start-to-finish professional fence installation process results in a gorgeous, robust tennis court fence designed for longevity, security, and hassle-free performance. Contact us today to get started on your tennis court fencing project!

Cost of Tennis Court Fencing in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

The cost of installing new tennis court fencing depends on several factors, including:

  • Fence height – Taller fences cost more due to increased materials and structural bracing needs. Typical tennis court fence heights range from 8 feet to 15 feet.
  • Fencing material – Chain link is most affordable. Windscreens cost moderately more. Slat and privacy fencing is a premium material.
  • Fence length – More linear footage equates to higher overall project cost. Measure the court perimeter for an accurate estimate.
  • Surface type – Soft ground requires more substantial post foundations, increasing labor time. Hard surfaces like concrete are most economical.
  • Site accessibility – Difficult terrain or poor site access can add complexity and expense. Proximity to material staging area also impacts cost.
  • Additional gates – Extra pedestrian or vehicle access gates add to materials and labor costs.
  • Permits – Some municipalities charge permit fees for court fencing based on project specifications.

To give an approximate range, most standard tennis court fences fall between $7,000 – $15,000 installed. Higher-end fences can cost $25,000+. We provide proposals tailored to your specific project requirements after inspecting your site. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

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Tailored fencing solutions that reflect your unique style and needs, turning your vision into a personalized reality with finesse.

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Elevate durability and aesthetics with our commitment to premium, long-lasting materials, ensuring a resilient and visually appealing fence.

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Rely on our skilled craftsmen for a seamless, efficient installation process, delivering a sturdy and visually striking fence that stands the test of time.

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Your satisfaction is our priority. We foster clear communication, attentive service, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations at every step.


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FAQs About Tennis Court Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

What are the most common tennis court fence materials?

The main options we recommend are chain link, windscreen, or privacy slats. Chain link is affordable and provides ball containment. Windscreens offer ventilation and visibility. Slats provide a fully private noise and sight barrier.

What fence height should I install around my tennis court?

10 to 12 feet is ideal. This allows plentiful overhead room for high shots while reducing stray balls and minimizing interference from outside elements. Fences up to 15 feet can increase privacy.

How far from the baseline should the fence be installed?

We recommend erecting fencing 3-5 feet from baseline minimum. This protects players from injury, allows run-off space, and accommodates maintenance. More set-back distance can further enhance safety.

Should I include a gate for my tennis court fence?

Absolutely. At minimum one gated access point is recommended for equipment and maintenance needs. For convenience, also consider a pass gate for players. Double gates facilitate vehicle access.

How often will tennis court fencing need repairs or maintenance?

With quality materials and proper installation, fencing should last 15-25 years. But budget for periodic repairs like tightening, hole patching, wind damage, and hardware replacement every 5-10 years.

Will fencing help reduce wind problems on my tennis court?

Yes, perimeter fencing provides a substantial wind break. Solid privacy slat designs block wind most effectively. Even mesh fences make a noticeable reduction in on-court wind interference.

Can I have different fencing on each side of my tennis court?

Absolutely. Fencing can be tailored to each perimeter side based on visibility, sun exposure, wind direction, privacy needs, and budget priorities. Mix and match materials!

Will my tennis court fence require a permit?

Most areas require permits for permanent fencing exceeding 6 feet tall. We handle the permitting process for you, providing all necessary plans and specifications to the local municipality.

How long does the tennis court fencing installation process take?

Most projects take 1-3 days depending on length. We schedule crew sizes and equipment accordingly to minimize disruption. Some site prep or demolition may precede main installation.

How can I get a quote for tennis court fencing?

Contact us online or call +1(816) 253-8464 to have one of our fence experts come meet with you for a free consultation. We will inspect your site, discuss options, and provide a detailed quote for your tennis court fencing project.


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