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Barbed Wire Fencing Near Lee’s Summit, Missouri

A quality barbed wire fence can be a great addition to any property. Not only does a barbed wire fence help keep livestock or other animals safely contained, but it also acts as a deterrent for unwelcome trespassers.

With our expert fencing contractors can professionally install a top-notch barbed wire fence customized to your unique specifications and property needs.

Unlike a basic wire fence, our barbed wire fencing incorporates sharp barbs along the strands of wire. This deters animals or people from attempting to jump or push through the fence, as they risk getting scratched or cut by the barbs.

Barbed wire fencing is an especially ideal solution for large, rural properties that need extensive fencing for cattle or horses. The sharp barbs help ensure your livestock stays safely within the parameters of your land.

Our barbed wire fence installation process is meticulous, using only the highest quality materials. We space the barbed wire strands vertically between sturdy wooden posts, with 12 to 15 inch spacing between strands being typical.

The barbed wire we use has galvanized steel construction with twisted strands containing 2-point barbs. This ensures excellent durability, rust resistance, and security.

In addition to basic barbed wire fencing, we also offer premium options such as high-tensile barbed wire. This incorporates thicker wire construction that is then mechanically tightened.

High-tensile barbed wire fencing can withstand much greater pressure before bending or breaking. It provides enhanced security and containment for rowdy livestock.

Process We Follow for Barbed Wire Fencing

Installing a properly constructed barbed wire fence requires careful planning, high quality materials, and expert workmanship. Here is an overview of our professional barbed wire fence installation process:

Site Survey and Planning

  • We’ll schedule a site visit to your property to survey the landscape where you want the barbed wire fence built. This allows us to evaluate the terrain and take accurate measurements.
  • Next, we’ll discuss your desired fence height, post spacing, number of barbed wire strands, and any specialty needs.
  • With all this information, we can develop an optimal fencing plan customized to your property’s unique specifications.

Post Hole Digging

  • Barbed wire fencing requires sturdy wooden posts buried deep into the ground to maintain tension and absorb pressure from livestock.
  • Using professional equipment, our team will dig perfectly aligned post holes around 12-24 inches in diameter and 36-48 inches deep. This provides each post with excellent stability.
  • For especially long spans of fencing, we may also incorporate braced assemblies with horizontal, diagonal, and H-shaped supports.

Fence Post Installation

  • With the holes dug, we’ll carefully insert the wooden posts and align them precisely in a straight line.
  • For proper spacing, we’ll measure from the center of each post. 10-12 feet spacing is common for barbed wire fencing.
  • We use tamping tools to settle the posts in the holes, then fill with concrete for maximum stability. The posts will cure for several days before continuing.

Stringing the Barbed Wire

  • Once the posts have cured, we’re ready to string and tension the barbed wire strands along the fence line.
  • Using insulators attached to the wooden posts, we precisely space the barbed wire strands. Common configurations are 4-5 strands, or up to 8 strands for high-security fences.
  • Our contractors use professional wire stretchers to create very tight tension between the fence posts. This pulls the barbed wire taut.
  • For longevity, we use high quality galvanized steel barbed wire and recommend replacing strands every 15-20 years.

Completing and Checking the Fence

  • With the barbed wire fully installed, we complete the project by adding gates, corner arms, and any other accessories as needed.
  • Afterwards, we’ll walk the fence line with you to ensure there are no gaps and the barbed wire strands are perfectly taut with no sagging.
  • Our barbed wire fence installation warrants against defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years after completion. We want you fully satisfied!

When we handle your barbed wire fence installation, you can trust that the job will be done right. Our expert fencing contractors have the experience to construct a long lasting, secure barbed wire fence customized for your unique landscape and needs. Contact us today to schedule your free quote!

Cost of Barbed Wire Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

The cost to install a barbed wire fence can vary based on:

  • Fence height and number of barbed wire strands
  • Fence post spacing distance
  • Total linear footage of fencing needed
  • Terrain and accessibility of the land
  • Add-ons like gates, post caps, or electric fence chargers

To give you a general idea, here are some typical price ranges:

  • Basic 4-strand barbed wire fencing typically costs $8 – $16 per linear foot. This is for standard 12-14 foot post spacing and basic materials.
  • Adding more barbed wire strands increases cost marginally. Each additional strand usually adds $1 – $3 per linear foot.
  • Choosing high-tensile barbed wire rather than standard can increase price by $3 – $6 per linear foot. The premium materials provide enhanced strength.
  • For smaller fencing jobs under 500 linear feet, total costs often range from $4,000 – $9,000.
  • Larger cattle fences exceeding 1,000 linear feet typically cost $15,000 – $30,000.

Keep in mind that unique terrain or customizations may alter the price. There may be extra costs for clearing brush, grading land, adding gates/accessories, or special requests.

We provide free quotes so you know exactly what to expect for your specific barbed wire fencing needs. Give us a call today!

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FAQs About Barbed Wire Fencing in Lee’s Summit, MO

What are the benefits of choosing barbed wire over other fencing?

Barbed wire is cost effective yet deters livestock and intruders well. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to wood privacy fencing which can rot. The twisted steel construction is durable and rust-resistant.

How long does a barbed wire fence last?

With quality materials and proper installation, you can expect a lifespan of 15-20 years. Galvanized barbed wire lasts longer than basic steel. Regular maintenance helps maximize durability.

What is high-tensile barbed wire fencing?

It uses thicker wire construction that is mechanically tightened for superior strength and tension. This makes it more resistant to bending or breaking if livestock push on it. Ideal for rowdy animals.

What height should I choose for a barbed wire fence?

4-5 strands with 48-60 inch total height works well for cattle. Lower heights down to 36 inches can keep in goats or sheep. Choose your height based on the contained livestock.

How often should a barbed wire fence be maintained?

Expect to walk the fence line to check tension and make minor repairs every 6-12 months. More thorough maintenance like replacing broken strands should be done every 5+ years.

Can barbed wire be electrified for additional security?

Yes, you can add an electric fence charger to energize the barbed wire. The electric shock deters livestock or trespassers from touching the fence. Use polytape or wire to conduct the voltage.

What are the typical spacing distances between barbed wire strands?

Standard spacing is 12-15 inches between strands. The lowest strand starts 6-8 inches from the ground. Wider spacing of 18 inches can suit cattle fences.

How do I determine the amount of fencing materials needed?

The linear feet of fencing x number of T-posts/line posts needed x number of barbed wire strands provides total wire footage. Add 20% extra as surplus to be safe.

Can barbed wire fencing be installed on hilly or uneven terrain?

Yes, though very steep grades or uneven contours will increase labor time. We may need to clear brush or use longer posts. Proper tensioning is also important on hills.

Should I choose wooden posts or steel T-posts for my barbed wire fence?

Wooden posts provide greater strength for maintaining barbed wire tension. But T-posts work well for straight sections since they’re easier to drive into the ground. Many fences use both.


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