Roadways of Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Lee’s Summit is a city in the state of Missouri, located in the Kansas City metropolitan area. With a population of over 97,000 as of 2019, Lee’s Summit has an extensive network of roadways allowing residents to travel around the city and connect to surrounding communities. This local guide will provide an overview of the major roadways in Lee’s Summit and highlight key details to help residents and visitors navigate the city.

Major Highways

Several major highways run through Lee’s Summit, providing connections to other parts of the Kansas City region.

Interstate 470

I-470 is an auxiliary interstate loop that connects I-70 in Lee’s Summit to southern and eastern areas of Kansas City. Key details about I-470 include:

  • Runs east-west through the northern part of Lee’s Summit.
  • Provides access to downtown Kansas City via connections to I-70, I-435, and I-470.
  • Part of a nearly 70-mile loop around the Kansas City metropolitan area.
  • Major exits in Lee’s Summit include MO-291, MO-150, and Douglas Street.

Interstate 70

I-70 is a major east-west highway that runs through the center of Lee’s Summit:

  • Stretches coast-to-coast across the United States.
  • Provides direct access to downtown Kansas City, located about 20 minutes west of Lee’s Summit.
  • Key Lee’s Summit exits include MO-291, Chipman Road, and Douglas Street.
  • Main interstate link for drivers passing through Lee’s Summit or traveling to/from western Missouri.

U.S. Route 50

US-50 is an important east-west highway running through southern Lee’s Summit:

  • Extends nearly 3,000 miles between Ocean City, Maryland and Sacramento, California.
  • In Lee’s Summit, US-50 overlaps MO-291 and is known as Truman Road.
  • Provides access to neighborhoods and businesses in south Lee’s Summit.
  • Connects Lee’s Summit to Lone Jack, Warrensburg, and other communities further east.

Arterial Streets & Roads

In addition to the major highways, several key arterials allow travel within Lee’s Summit and to surrounding cities.

Missouri Route 291

MO-291 is a major north-south route running through western Lee’s Summit:

  • Begins at I-470 and travels south, overlapping US-50.
  • Changes names to Truman Road and then Blue Parkway south of US-50 split.
  • Key intersections include I-70, 3rd Street, and SW Oldham Parkway.
  • Provides access to downtown Lee’s Summit, Legacy Park, and neighborhoods along its route.

Missouri Route 150

MO-150 is an important highway passing through northern Lee’s Summit:

  • Begins at I-470 and runs east-west across the city.
  • Changes names to 3rd Street and then Langsford Road.
  • Crosses I-70 and US-50/MO-291.
  • Provides connections to the Summit Technology Campus, neighborhoods, and nearby Lake Winnebago.

Chipman Road

Chipman Road is a major east-west route in the center of Lee’s Summit:

  • Stretches from MO-291 west to MO-58.
  • Crosses I-70 and US-50.
  • Passses by Summit Fair shopping center.
  • Provides access to neighborhoods around Chipman Elementary and Middle Schools.

Douglas Street

Douglas Street is a key north-south roadway in eastern Lee’s Summit:

  • Begins north of Langsford Road and runs south to MO-150.
  • Intersects with US-50 and I-470.
  • Allows access to neighborhoods and businesses in east Lee’s Summit.

SW Oldham Parkway

SW Oldham Parkway is an important southside arterial street:

  • Runs north-south from MO-150 to MO-291/Truman Road.
  • Passes by Lee’s Summit Medical Center.
  • Provides access to residential areas between MO-291 and MO-150.

Downtown Streets & Roads

The downtown area of Lee’s Summit features a grid network of streets allowing access to shops, restaurants, and civic attractions.

Main Street

Main Street is the primary north-south road through downtown Lee’s Summit:

  • Begins at 3rd Street and runs south to MO-291/Blue Parkway.
  • Home to businesses like Trezo Mare restaurant, Downtown Nutrition shop, and others.
  • Location of the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce.
  • Site of parades, festivals, and events in downtown Lee’s Summit.

2nd Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street

These numbered streets run east-west through downtown, parallel to Main Street:

  • Provide access to additional shops, restaurants, offices, and parking.
  • 3rd Street carries MO-150 through downtown.
  • Sites along these streets include Lee’s Summit City Hall, Legacy Park, School of Rock, and more.

Elm Street, Walnut Street, High Street

Additional minor streets running east-west through downtown:

  • Cross Main Street and the numbered east-west streets.
  • Provide access to the heart of the downtown shopping and dining district.
  • Walnut Street closed to vehicles as a pedestrian shopping area during festivals and events.

Neighborhood Streets

Lee’s Summit contains dozens of neighborhoods with local street grids allowing residents to easily access their homes. Some notable residential areas include:

  • Greenwood: Located south of 3rd Street, bounded by MO-291 on the west and MO-150 on the east. Local roads include SW Cardinal Drive, SW Blue Jay Drive, and SW Oriole Drive.
  • Oakwood: Situated east of MO-291 and north of US-50. Local streets like SE Oakwood Drive, SE Redwood Drive, and SE Pinehurst Circle serve this neighborhood.
  • Foxwood: Found south of US-50 and west of Douglas Street. Local roads include SW Foxwood Court, SW Foxwood Place, and SW Foxhill Drive.
  • Woodland: Bordered by Chipman Road, Langsford Road, and MO-150. Includes local streets like NE Stoneybrook Court, NE Timberland Drive, and NE Greyhawk Court.
  • Pryor Highlands: Located north of MO-150 and west of Langsford Road. Local roads include NW High Circle and NW Pryor Road.

Key Roadway Observations

  • Lee’s Summit has a grid-style road network, making navigation intuitive and easy to learn.
  • Main travel corridors run diagonally to the grid, including I-70, US-50, and MO-291.
  • Downtown has a compact, walkable layout centered on Main Street.
  • Residential streets branch off the main arterials to provide access within neighborhoods.
  • The city has a “Belt Highway” system of loops and bypasses to route traffic around central areas.
  • Roadways are well-maintained overall, with lane markings, signs, and signals clearly visible.
  • Rush hour traffic can build along I-70, US-50, MO-150 and other major routes during weekday commute times.
  • Ongoing road projects and improvements ensure the network meets the city’s transportation needs.

Navigating Lee’s Summit by Road

Here are some key tips for getting around Lee’s Summit by car:

  • Use I-70 for east-west travel across the center of town. Take exits to MO-291 or MO-150 to access different areas.
  • Take MO-291/Truman Road or US-50 for north-south travel. These roads overlap in south Lee’s Summit.
  • Avoid neighborhood shortcuts during peak times – stick to main roads like Chipman or Douglas for efficient travel.
  • Download a navigation app or use a map to plan an unfamiliar route in advance. The grid network has many similar street names.
  • Watch for school zones with reduced speed limits and increased foot traffic during school arrival/dismissal times.
  • Allow extra time for cross-town travel on major roads around rush hours. Traffic can back up, especially around I-70 interchanges.
  • Know parking options downtown – on-street spaces or public lots/garages located off Main Street.
  • Be alert for pedestrians when driving through downtown and near schools or parks.
  • Keep an eye out for bicyclists sharing the roadways, especially on lower speed streets.

Following these tips will help drivers safely and efficiently use the network of highways, arterials, and local streets that make up the roadways of Lee’s Summit!


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  • Option 1: From Downtown Lee’s Summit, MO Head northeast on SE Green St, turning left onto NE Douglas St. Continue until you reach NE Skyline Dr. Turn left, and 20 NE Skyline Dr is on the right.
  • Option 2: From I-470 East Take the Douglas St/Colbern Rd exit from I-470 E. Merge onto NE Colbern Rd, turn right on NE Douglas St, then left on NE Skyline Dr. Find 20 NE Skyline Dr on the right.
  • Option 3: From Unity Village, MO Travel east on NW Colbern Rd, turn right on NW Woods Chapel Rd. Left on NE Douglas St, then left on NE Skyline Dr. 20 NE Skyline Dr will be on your right.